Friday, March 28, 2008

Aspirin vs AZT

Layman humanitarian Howard Armistead has done much homework researching the biomedical archives, speaking at reputable AIDS conferences and has been promoting SAM (Selenium, Aspirin [ASA], Multivitamin) therapy in Africa for many years with much success, oftentimes out of his own pocket. His work is admirable. He writes:

In conclusion, comparing their peak increase in CD4 cells, ASA has been shown to increase CD4 more than twice as much as AZT and is better able to sustain this increase. At the one-year point, while the CD4 count of those on AZT monotherapy decreased 25% below baseline levels, those taking aspirin maintained an average 35% increase in CD4. This reflects the fact that aspirin possesses not only anti-retroviral activity as an NF-κB inhibitor, but it can also increase immune function, again through inhibition of NF-κB.

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