Monday, January 21, 2008

A Limitation in Recombinant IL-2 Treatment

Although recombinant IL-2 treatment boosts T-cell proliferation, a study previously cited in this blog also states, "Quantitation of T cell receptor excision circles and examination of thymic scans before and after administration of IL-2 suggest that thymic output does not play a major role (7, 8)."

Another post here, on the other hand, notes the thymic restoring results from treatment with recombinant IL-3. A robust thymus plays a central role in the differentiation of lymphocytes.

This may seem like too many injections, but fortunately both cytokines, along with a few others, are robustly boosted by treatment with beta androstenetriol. We have likewise noted the IL-3 boosting properties of aspirin.

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